Image campaign for Premier Inn

Premier Inn GmbH

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Great Britain’s top rated hotel brand is expanding and is expected to operate 20 sites in Germany by the end of 2020. However, brand awareness is rather low over here so far. We are committed to change this.

In order to attract attention, we are borrowing several clichés in a humorous way. Our first campaign motive points out, how to make oneself comfortable in Hypnos’ royal beds: the round has to go into the square!

Together with our partner Bplus we developed a campaign concept, which includes both always on measures as well as components focussed on new sites opening. The campaign will be present in programmatic display ads, Social Media, native ads and in the cityscape of new sites in digital out of home media. Besides strategy, conception and implementation were also responsible for media planing and media buying.

On air: January to April 2020

Promotion campaign for Premier Inn

Premier Inn GmbH

So einfach
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On the way to a “new normality” after the corona lockdown people look for companions to help them avoiding more complications and making their lives as easy as possible. Everybody longs to be spontaneous again – especially when travelling is concerned.

Therefore, Premier Inn Germany decided to offer each of their rooms for 39 € until August 20th and, most importantly, they guarantee extremely flexible booking conditions. So, clients are able to plan a holiday and postpone or cancel it easily, if necessary. Our task was to develop a sales campaign that encourages people to plan a city trip or visit their relatives in Germany and book a stay at Premier Inn.

The combination of spontaneity and flexibility guided us to the message: “Wir machen es einfach.” (It´s as simple as that). With this we rolled out a campaign including video content on YouTube, Social Media Content (Facebook/Instagram), an online banner campaign, Native ads and Radio ads on Spotify.

On air: since May 26th, 2020

Campaigning with the Australian Outback

Tourism Northern Territory

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How can we attract even more backpackers, to travel the Australian Outback? The Northern Territory, STA Travel as well as Erlebe Fernreisen raised this question, as they asked us to provide a campaign especially for young people. It includes the both development of a campaign concept and the implementation of media actions.

Backpackers love adventures, untouched nature, unique moments and fascinating encounters – which are provided in the Northern Territory in abundance. Therefore, we combined the Destination with this special way to travel according to the motto “Jetzt Outbackpacker werden!”. We presented these incomparable experiences with with emotional pictures and young texts among several distribution channels.

Together with our partner Bplus we developed an agile campaign concept, which includes a really close coordination of content and placements to achieve optimal level of control of gained user data during the campaign. Thus, we were able to ensure an efficient use of budget for programmatic components (Display Ads), editorial controbutions (Native Ads) and Social Media from the beginning. This setup was reviewed and optimised during the campaign process.

The results are very impressive, as they even exceeded the expectations. If you are interested in detailed information feel free to contact us.

On air: September to December 2018

Brand campaign for Premier Inn

Premier Inn Germany

Video Liebe
Video Shopping
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After having to stop our first campaign for Premier Inn in March 2020 after only a few weeks being on air we are all the more pleased to roll out our brand new work.

This time, we are taking desire for freedom, fellowship and travel as an occasion to convince people that there is currently no more attractive product on the German hospitality market – and furthermore with an affordable rate.

Together with our Partner Bplus we´ve developed a creative and media strategy that is primarily intended to increase brand awareness and also support booking intent for the hotels in Germany.

On air: since May 2021