15 Years of Eintracht-Fraport

Fraport AG

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How to celebrate 15 years of continuous sponsoring engagement of the Fraport AG at Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt? With a communication campaign humorously looking back at the eventful years and celebrating the partnership in accordance with the characteristics of the club. Suddenly, Eintracht Frankfurt becomes Eintracht-Fraport and presents nearly 70 picture puzzles showing events, individuals and anecdotes of 15 years of joint activity. Even confirmed fans worked up a sweat while trying to solve the puzzles and therefore were rewarded with great prizes. If you got curious how many Eintracht puzzles you could crack: at respektive1 we have collected them all on one giant poster. We are looking forward to visitors who are ready to guess!

On Air: August to May 2016

Blind Passenger

Fraport AG

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The Fraport AG supports the exhibition ‘Blind Passenger’ of the Dialogue Museum Frankfurt, where there is “nothing to see” (according to the organisers). We drew attention to this by putting the headline in braille on a black background.

On air: August 2015

Australia in 360 Degrees

Tourism Australia

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To experience the fascinating aquatic and coastal life of Australia with all the senses, a virtual reality app was established enabling viewers to directly “dive into” this incredible adventure. Both, the experiences and the app, were promoted by a 32-page supplement in Geo Saison and Zeit Reisen (with an edition of 50.000 copies) as well as by a national online campaign. As an incentive for using the app there was a chance to win a dream journey to South Australia. The campaign was a resounding success: Almost 10.000 supplement readers were interested and scanned the QR code to download the app – that´s a response of almost 20%. Are you up to dive into the Australian aquatic and coastal world, too? The virtual reality app is available for download on australia.com.

On air: May/June 2016

Dementia Campaign

Ministry of Health, Equalities, Care and Ageing of North Rhine-Westphalia

Video Berge_versetzen
Video Nicht_auf_den_Mund_gefallen
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With our campaign “Fellow humans. Also with dementia.” in North Rhine-Westphalia, we want to help people with dementia to no longer be branded as different, but rather be integrated as valuable members of society. We boldly show people with a stamp on their forehead or cheek, accentuating personality traits which are not linked with dementia at first glance. Thus, we emphasize the status of dementia patients as human beings like you and me and initiate a process of reflection in society. Important information and the possibility to personally stand up for people with dementia are available at the campaign’s website mensch.nrw.

On air: November 2016 to February 2017

Emoji Campaign

Fraport AG

Helden Video
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For some years now, the Fraport AG is a sponsor of the German Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt. For the season 2016/2017, the Fraport AG treated the Eintracht Frankfurt fans to their own Eintracht emojis in order to express the solidarity to the traditional club and its fans. The slogan of this campaign is “Eintracht, wir leben Dich.” which is a German wordplay symbolizing the deep connection of Eintracht and Fraport. The emojis display characteristic football fan emotions, special Eintracht stories and seasonal motifs. The fans can download the emojis for using them on their smartphones, share them in social networks and create their own emoji profile picture: eintracht-wir-leben-dich.de.

On Air: Since August 2016

Travelling the relaxed Australian way

Qantas Airways

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Why travelling with Qantas is unique? The experience of one of t e oldest airlines in the world, highest quality and security standards and something you will never find anywhere else: the warm and kind Australian service.

But: Within the last years, exactly this important message has been neglected in communication in Germany. So it was time to bring back the „Spirit of Australia“ into the new sales material.

On air: since March 2017

Image campaign for Premier Inn

Premier Inn GmbH

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Great Britain’s top rated hotel brand is expanding and is expected to operate 20 sites in Germany by the end of 2020. However, brand awareness is rather low over here so far. We are committed to change this.

In order to attract attention, we are borrowing several clichés in a humorous way. Our first campaign motive points out, how to make oneself comfortable in Hypnos’ royal beds: the round has to go into the square!

Together with our partner Bplus we developed a campaign concept, which includes both always on measures as well as components focussed on new sites opening. The campaign will be present in programmatic display ads, Social Media, native ads and in the cityscape of new sites in digital out of home media. Besides strategy, conception and implementation were also responsible for media planing and media buying.

On air: January to April 2020

Campaign for RMV Frankfurt

traffiQ Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH

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Frankfurt is connecting a bunch of facets in an equally surprising as well as relaxed way. This applies to the local public transport, too. And with us, actually, it “becomes a shoe.”

The first work for our new client traffiQ was the continued development of the campaign „Typically Frankfurt.” According to the motto „Here you can reach everything,” the campaign connects both the characteristics and the advantages of the route network in an extraordinary way.

The motives illustrate the Frankfurt way of movement: dynamic, trendsetting and impressively versatile. Currently, the first motives can be seen in the cityscape of Frankfurt and in local media. Further will follow in the next months.

On air: since November 6th, 2017

Electrically on the road in Offenbach

Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH

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eMobil is a flexible rental system for electric cars and pedelecs in Offenbach. Since its launch, we have been supporting the growing eMobil network of Stadtwerke Offenbach in an advisory and design role.

For this purpose, we were responsible for the conception and implementation of the opening marketing of the new eMobil stations. Pedelecs or a VW e-up! can be rented at the six eMobil stations. Accompanying measures for the opening of the stations included flyers, letters to residents and mesh banners. Since then, we have accompanied the growing eMobil network with various measures.

In addition, we were also allowed to design the first news magazine of the Electromobility Office, which informs network partners and interested parties about topics related to electromobility in Hesse.

More information on the eMobil project is available at www.emobil-rheinmain.de.

On Air: since June 2017

Information-campaign for the new Lohrbergbus

traffiQ Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH

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Frankfurt’s Lohrberg is a popular destination for the young and the young at heart. Especially on sunny weekends the townsfolk loves to visit it. But, unfortunately, too may do it by car. The consequences are annoying for all participants: die few parking spaces are instantly occupied, access roads and parked cars thoroughly blocked, and the residents and leisure gardeners’ patience is severely stressed. And, after a relaxing excursion, the dirty and mud-covered kids hop into the clean car and finally cause a not so relaxing experience.

These are some of the reasons why the “Lohrberglinie 83” was relaunched at Easters 2018. At Saturdays, Sundays and during public holidays, it comfortably takes visitors from the Friedberger Warte to the Lohrberg and back.

We accompany this relaunch with an information-campaign using billboards, newspaper ads, a bus-stop design and further measures.

On air: March/April 2018