We go further

Having daring visions is never a cause for concern among our team. After all, creative ideas are at the heart of our work as an advertising agency. However, that’s simply not enough for us:

We want to make advertising better.

That’s because our creative products and consulting services are the crucial levers that give us the power to trigger change. So that’s what we do. 

We develop campaigns that have a positive impact on society and the environment and support our clients not only in rethinking their marketing activities but also in transforming their business models.

We fight to ensure that our creations always contribute to promoting sustainability and that our clients’ marketing budgets are sustainably invested.

We are certified

Come on, who needs a certification? Anyone who doesn’t think much of greenwashing, empty promises and thoughtless actions!

That’s why we’ve joined the globally active B Corp movement to work with a multitude of like-minded businesses and ensure that sustainable business practices become the new norm.

We work for (almost) everyone

Fundamentally, we are very optimistic and don’t give up very easily. That is, unless our (potential) clients meet one of these two criteria:

1. There is simply no way on earth that their product or service can be described as having a positive impact on society or the environment. This would apply to tobacco companies, for example. We certainly don’t lack imagination. But there is just no way we can see any positive aspects here.

2. The company has no sustainability strategy, and we can’t see any evidence of genuine efforts to integrate sustainability goals in the business model.

We take responsibility

In fact, for everyone associated with us. We ensure that our labour not only provides sufficient income but that the results also benefit our community. 

This is why we donate 1% of our fee turnover to a good cause and work pro bono for 5% of our working hours. And we share 35% of our profit with our employees.

We treat freelancers with respect

A large proportion of our services are provided by freelancers. We don’t regard them as a stopgap when things get busy, but instead consider them to be an integral part of our team.

This is why we involve them in important decision-making processes and are just as transparent with them as we are with our full-time employees.

We give fresh impetus

We weren’t born as saints, and don’t suppose we’ll be canonised any time soon. And if you were to ask us whether we always get everything right, we couldn’t answer with a decisive “yes”.

However, we are convinced that it is worthwhile championing a more sustainable economy and that – regardless of your starting point – it is always better to take small steps forward than remain stuck in the same place.

That is why we try not only to involve our stakeholders, but also to influence them. Not by lecturing them, but by using our infectious enthusiasm.

We want to be a role model, to inspire and to get things moving.

Fancy joining in?

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