Aha. So, you are interested in our career site.
Did you get lost or are you just bored?
Or are you dreaming of inspiring someone with your ideas?
Then send in your application, please.


  • … are interested in strong ideas and great campaigns.
  • … don’t regard the word “client” as a threat.
  • … are into solutions, not into problems.
  • … enjoy breaking down complex matters into easy issues.
  • … never could explain the difference between on and offline anyway.
  • … don’t know exactly, what the “new media” actually are.
  • … don’t need much mumbo-jumbo to show off.
  • … know sociopaths only from local public transport.

Then you can enjoy …

  • … a work environment representing great communication and thereupon adjusts its processes.
  • … a perfect opportunity to make the advertising world a tiny bit better and rocking it with us.
  • … an insanely pleasant team of fourteen, searching exactly for your personality which we want to include as an integral part of us.
  • … regular social events with a tasty, entertaining or rather excessive program.

Sounds good?

We are looking forward to receiving your application. Please drop us a line at