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We are done. Done with business as usual. Because, if 2020 has shown us one thing, it’s that things can and must change.

But we are not suddenly going to do something different. We will keep fighting for strong ideas that move people. Our core service will carry on being the development and execution of communication campaigns – from analysis and creative concept through to production and media playout across the relevant channels. And, with our ideas and concepts, we will continue to ensure that the personality of a brand and its products is presented in an eye-catching way so it will be noticed and loved by the target group.

We are now just going to do this differently. In fact, more sustainably – in every respect. Because we believe that a clear stance on socially relevant issues is vitally important – to us, to society and to the environment. With this in mind, we are completely dedicated to turning brands into strong personalities. With unique values and qualities that not only give people direction but also influence the future in a positive way. We want to make advertising better.

Our thinking and actions are not just guided by economic factors.

We also ask ourselves: what is the added value of our creative work for all stakeholders and the environment? And how will we be able to keep on expanding our contribution in the future?

That is why we have launched a transformation process designed to turn us into an agency that does business with a publicly minded and ecological approach. This encompasses the entire value chain, and our long-term aim is to align all processes so that our customers’ marketing budgets are invested exclusively in channels that work sustainably.

We are fully aware that our goal is ambitious. And we still have a long way to go. We will have to make compromises and play the hand dealt to us by circumstance. But we want to change things and are setting out on our journey of transformation. Our journey from respektive1 to respektive2.

1 % of our fees benefit the community.

By creating value, we also want to make a positive contribution to society. With immediate effect, we will therefore be donating 1 % of the fees we generate through our client projects to charity. In 2021, we will be supporting the creative artists of Kulturzeiter*innen e.V. in Frankfurt and Offenbach.

Since June 2022 we are a ceritified B Corporation.

B Corps are for-profit organisations who want to use their business model to create a more socially responsible and more sustainable economy. In their statutes, B Corps bindingly commit to actively considering the needs of all stakeholders affected by their business activities. We are proud to be part of a movement and a community which includes such prestigious companies as Patagoniasoulbottles and innocent.

In the midst of all this, we are not losing sight of our customers’ goals and will continue to get their projects off the ground successfully.

Campaigns can only be successful if content and distribution are developed together and are linked in an agile process in such a way that they are highly adaptable and provide fast response options to tight schedules and circumstances that change at a moment’s notice.

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