Restaurant Australia

Tourism Australia/Compass Group

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Most people know about the breathtaking landscapes and fascinating wildlife they can experience during their holiday in Australia. However, culicaric highlights are less known, even though they are equally important for choosing a travel destination. We changed the situation using a Europe-wide prize competition including plenty of media activities as well as cooperations with restaurants (e.g. 500 canteens of Eurest in Germany). You’ve missed the campaign? You can also stimulate your appetite for a culinary trip to Australia at

On air: April to June 2015

Maurizio & Fränk

Fraport AG

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In case you didn’t know: the heraldic animal of Eintracht Frankfurt is an eagle. Only one reason for the Fraport AG to set up the two Hessian eagles “Maurizio & Fränk” as campaign protagonists within the Fraport sponsoring at Eintracht between 2012 and 2015. They have been in ‘a secret mission’, analyzed opposing teams down to the smallest detail and played numerous practical jokes. The Highlight: An augmented reality app in which the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt could demonstrate their skills with Maurizio & Fränk on the goal wall and further beat their friends’ highscores on Facebook.

On air: August to May 2015

Australia in 360 Degrees

Tourism Australia

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To experience the fascinating aquatic and coastal life of Australia with all the senses, a virtual reality app was established enabling viewers to directly “dive into” this incredible adventure. Both, the experiences and the app, were promoted by a 32-page supplement in Geo Saison and Zeit Reisen (with an edition of 50.000 copies) as well as by a national online campaign. As an incentive for using the app there was a chance to win a dream journey to South Australia. The campaign was a resounding success: Almost 10.000 supplement readers were interested and scanned the QR code to download the app – that´s a response of almost 20%. Are you up to dive into the Australian aquatic and coastal world, too? The virtual reality app is available for download on

On air: May/June 2016

Dementia Campaign

Ministry of Health, Equalities, Care and Ageing of North Rhine-Westphalia

Video Berge_versetzen
Video Nicht_auf_den_Mund_gefallen
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With our campaign “Fellow humans. Also with dementia.” in North Rhine-Westphalia, we want to help people with dementia to no longer be branded as different, but rather be integrated as valuable members of society. We boldly show people with a stamp on their forehead or cheek, accentuating personality traits which are not linked with dementia at first glance. Thus, we emphasize the status of dementia patients as human beings like you and me and initiate a process of reflection in society. Important information and the possibility to personally stand up for people with dementia are available at the campaign’s website

On air: November 2016 to February 2017

Emoji Campaign

Fraport AG

Helden Video
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For some years now, the Fraport AG is a sponsor of the German Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt. For the season 2016/2017, the Fraport AG treated the Eintracht Frankfurt fans to their own Eintracht emojis in order to express the solidarity to the traditional club and its fans. The slogan of this campaign is “Eintracht, wir leben Dich.” which is a German wordplay symbolizing the deep connection of Eintracht and Fraport. The emojis display characteristic football fan emotions, special Eintracht stories and seasonal motifs. The fans can download the emojis for using them on their smartphones, share them in social networks and create their own emoji profile picture:

On Air: Since August 2016

Easter Promotion „Frankfurter Markthalle“

Lagardère Travel Retail

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Feed before you eat! Within our promotion for the „Frankfurter Markthalle“ the rabbits hidden in the 360-degree-panorama wanted to be fed with carrots before the participants received their well-deserved reward in the form of vouchers. These could either be redeemed at the various gastronomic offers or turned into a donation for the „Stiftung Bärenherz“, which parents, cares and provides support for children with a life-shortening disease, regardless of their culture, origin and religion.

On air: April 2017

Image campaign for Premier Inn

Premier Inn GmbH

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Great Britain’s top rated hotel brand is expanding and is expected to operate 20 sites in Germany by the end of 2020. However, brand awareness is rather low over here so far. We are committed to change this.

In order to attract attention, we are borrowing several clichés in a humorous way. Our first campaign motive points out, how to make oneself comfortable in Hypnos’ royal beds: the round has to go into the square!

Together with our partner Bplus we developed a campaign concept, which includes both always on measures as well as components focussed on new sites opening. The campaign will be present in programmatic display ads, Social Media, native ads and in the cityscape of new sites in digital out of home media. Besides strategy, conception and implementation were also responsible for media planing and media buying.

On air: January to April 2020

INTER CyberGuard

INTER Versicherungsgruppe

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The usage of the internet increases day by day. It has become very attractive for criminals due to the inexperience of the users, infinite possibilities of fraud paired with the anonymity and complex prosecution.

Whether threats in the area of online banking, online shopping or the harm of software of domestic computers – the numbers of offences increases as well as the creativity of the perps. The risk of becoming a victim of data theft, a hacker attack or cyber-mobbing is as high as it has never been before – and even rising.

To ensure the best protection possible the INTER Versicherungsgruppe has developed a comprehensive service package for the protection against cybercrime that addresses private individuals.

In collaboration with brandstoryarchitects and other partners we accompanied the product launch. Thereby we´ve developed the core element of the communication: the personified INTER CyberGuard as a „helping hand” and „care giver”, who protects the user against the countless threats and is there for them in every possible moment: preventively by providing security software and data backups or by the compensation of damage of hardware and software including data recovery or with a support package in case of cyber-mobbing.

First steps of implementation were the integration of the concept in the product marketplace and performance activities such as display advertising, social ads and video placements.

On air: since November 27th, 2017

Exclusive benefits for building society saver clients

VALUEMALL GmbH + PSD Bank Koblenz

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VALUEMALL is an exclusive added-value-world in form of an e-commerce-Platform. It provides customers of cooperative banks and organisations special offers fitted to their age and lifestyle.

Since May 2018 VALUEMALL´s client PSD Bank Koblenz provides an exclusive added-value-world for their building society saver clients to differentiate from competitors and to offer their clients strong benefits for constructing, renovating and furnishing their homestead.

We have been supporting the project since its first day, while we are responsible for the development of the platform (UI and UX Design) and its marketing. We provided a bunch of actions concerning an omni-channel-strategy at the launch of the platform and we are continuously developing them.

On air: since May 2018

Campaigning with the Australian Outback

Tourism Northern Territory

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How can we attract even more backpackers, to travel the Australian Outback? The Northern Territory, STA Travel as well as Erlebe Fernreisen raised this question, as they asked us to provide a campaign especially for young people. It includes the both development of a campaign concept and the implementation of media actions.

Backpackers love adventures, untouched nature, unique moments and fascinating encounters – which are provided in the Northern Territory in abundance. Therefore, we combined the Destination with this special way to travel according to the motto “Jetzt Outbackpacker werden!”. We presented these incomparable experiences with with emotional pictures and young texts among several distribution channels.

Together with our partner Bplus we developed an agile campaign concept, which includes a really close coordination of content and placements to achieve optimal level of control of gained user data during the campaign. Thus, we were able to ensure an efficient use of budget for programmatic components (Display Ads), editorial controbutions (Native Ads) and Social Media from the beginning. This setup was reviewed and optimised during the campaign process.

The results are very impressive, as they even exceeded the expectations. If you are interested in detailed information feel free to contact us.

On air: September to December 2018