Sodexo Move


Many companies are addressing the shortage of skilled workers by offering attractive benefits to their employees. However, in smaller and medium-sized companies, perks are rarely considered. Yet, they are a simple way to provide employees with an extra salary benefit while also taking advantage of tax benefits.

Often, companies perceive perks as too complicated and time-consuming. On the other hand, employees usually are not even aware of this option. For our client Sodexo, it’s high time to change this and to increase the awareness and attractiveness of perks on both sides.

With our Sodexo Move, we encourage companies and their employees to take action and finally use this extra pay option. We are assisted by Steuerfabi, who not only has an excellent reputation in terms of tax tips, but also a significant reach within the relevant target group.

Steuerfabi provides sufficient arguments for both – companies and employees. Through his social channels, we not only reach decision-makers in companies but also primarily target employees who can convince their bosses through a referral mechanism to adopt the Sodexo Move and start offering Sodexo’s non-cash benefits from now on.

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