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What have banks to offer in times of low interest rates and in lack of unique selling points? Their core business no longer provides any answers.

In order to keep their clients, banks and savings banks can now strike out new directions with immediate effect. Particularly with offers, which are not annoying, but exactly fitting to their clients’ needs and life situations. And which will be provided exclusively to the participating bank’s customer base.

VALUEMALL is an exclusive added-value world, regularly offering bank customers convincing arguments to keep their loyalty trough all stages of their lifes. It operates as a partner of banks, a distribution channel for trading as well as a benefit portal for customers.

For this completely new approach, we designed the entire brand from scratch as well as its brand identity and accompany the market launch. As a first step, we developed the brand name and a logo, the design of the basic office equipment and the concept and implementation of the website. A launch campaign and several accompanying material is currently created.

On air: since January 2017

Electrically on the road in Offenbach

Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH

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eMobil is a flexible rental system for electric cars and pedelecs in Offenbach. Since its launch, we have been supporting the growing eMobil network of Stadtwerke Offenbach in an advisory and design role.

For this purpose, we were responsible for the conception and implementation of the opening marketing of the new eMobil stations. Pedelecs or a VW e-up! can be rented at the six eMobil stations. Accompanying measures for the opening of the stations included flyers, letters to residents and mesh banners. Since then, we have accompanied the growing eMobil network with various measures.

In addition, we were also allowed to design the first news magazine of the Electromobility Office, which informs network partners and interested parties about topics related to electromobility in Hesse.

More information on the eMobil project is available at

On Air: since June 2017

News magazine electromobility

Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH

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As a cooperation between HessenAgentur and Stadtwerke Offenbach, the electromobility department bundles electromobile networks with project partners from industry, science, politics and administration throughout Hessen and at the same time operates as a central point of contact for companies interested in electromobility.

We designed the first news magazine for the Electromobility Department, “eNews”, and have since then been responsible for its implementation, from layout to printing. With the biannual magazine, the department informs network partners and interested parties about topics related to electromobility in Hessen.

On air: since 2018