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So einfach
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On the way to a “new normality” after the corona lockdown people look for companions to help them avoiding more complications and making their lives as easy as possible. Everybody longs to be spontaneous again – especially when travelling is concerned.

Therefore, Premier Inn Germany decided to offer each of their rooms for 39 € until August 20th and, most importantly, they guarantee extremely flexible booking conditions. So, clients are able to plan a holiday and postpone or cancel it easily, if necessary. Our task was to develop a sales campaign that encourages people to plan a city trip or visit their relatives in Germany and book a stay at Premier Inn.

The combination of spontaneity and flexibility guided us to the message: “Wir machen es einfach.” (It´s as simple as that). With this we rolled out a campaign including video content on YouTube, Social Media Content (Facebook/Instagram), an online banner campaign, Native ads and Radio ads on Spotify.

On air: since May 26th, 2020