Carbon neutral media service


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On our way to an agency that does business with a publicly minded and ecological approach we ask ourselves: What is the added value of our work for all stakeholders and the environment? And how will we be able to keep on expanding our contribution in the future? This also includes the media spent of our clients, as they represent the lion´s share of the budget. Therefore, we will optimize these, too.

We’ve already taken the first step towards a sustainable media buy with our partner Bplus by offering all media services in carbon-neutral way. That includes strategy, planning and buying, but also the net spends, of course. We name this: ECOSITIVE.

However, that will not be the end of the road. We’re working on our vision of investing our clients’ budgets in channels with a sustainable business model only. Of course, by making sure the performance is acceptable. We’re on a long journey. But the mission has started.