Image campaign for RMV Frankfurt

traffiQ Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH

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Our task was to further develop our “Typically Frankfurt”-campaign right into the different districts. Therefore, the campaign centres around Rödelheim, Praunheim and Niederrad as well as their inhabitants, whom we actively involve.

The campaign immediately shows the character of every district: unusual pictures illustrate their unique atmosphere in connection with the movement through public transport. The motives indicate: wherever you use the perfectly developed public transport network in Frankfurt, it reliably takes you to your destination. Whether at the indulgence- and music-loving Rödelheim, the dynamically and down-to-earth Praunheim or the divers and colourful Niederrad – the public transport perfectly meets the district’s needs.

The campaign is visible in at the different districts as well as in local newspapers. A direct mailing draws further attention to the campaign and the competition in which we asked the audience how they use the public transport in their district. The reward: three times 795 € prize money. 795 € is a strange number? Yes, but this is exactly the quantity of kilometres of the public transport route network in Frankfurt.

On air: August/September 2019