B Corp Certification


We are done. Done with business as usual. We nailed our colours to the mast with that motto in the summer of 2020 when we decided that we wanted to improve advertising with immediate effect. We reviewed our self-image and decided to work towards becoming a more value-driven agency. Since then, we have changed a lot and have got many things under way. We have already reported on some of those changes here.

A key component was our certification as a B Corporation. B Corps are for-profit organisations who want to use their business model to create a more socially responsible and more sustainable economy. In their statutes, B Corps bindingly commit to actively considering the needs of all stakeholders affected by their business activities.

After tough certification work and an intensive assessment, we received good news in early June: we have passed the test and are now one of over 5,000 certified B Corps worldwide! 🏅And we are proud to be part of a movement and a community which includes such prestigious companies as Patagonia, soulbottles and innocent.

Our certification results and further information on the B Corp movement can be found here:

🏅 >> Our certification result <<

We have achieved a major milestone. But as celebrated German footballer Sepp Herberger realised some time ago, pausing for breath is the same as standing still. That is why we are already working on the next steps. The journey continues – we will be reporting on our progress.